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Ceramicist, Bernice Lynn, South East Queensland, Australia.

From the child that made mud patties, baked them in the sun and ate them along with my sister, to sharing my adult life with clay. To the inner child that still finds peace and pleasure in playing with mud. Practicing, researching, testing, developing my skill and form all while being given permission to be messy (I’m in heaven)

IMG_2930I joined Edge of Function Wellington Point Ceramics, my passion for clay was reignited and nurtured. My husband remodelled our home office into what is now my studio and we unpacked my pottery equipment and filled the void.

I am yet again a student of clay.

I pot……. and I drive my husband crazy (my intention completely).


Current work – Sawdust firing

I was fortunate on one sunny Wellington Point Ceramics morning, to witness a sawdust firing and was instantly taken by the rawness and natural beauty, the earthy colours painted by the fire. Hey, but more than that. The process is very social, like a campfire. This is me, this is my lifestyle. This sawdust firing captured my attention.

DSC_5396With the final sawdust firing in mind, I build my wares using a variety of techniques, wheel thrown, hand building or a combination. Somehow, memories of my husbands and my life together, like travel or adventures, just move the clay and the two intertwine to where it should be at that time. (If the clay permits).

Painstakingly burnishing, knowing that the end result will be soft to the touch. Making terra sigillata, anticipating and longing the colour will be of the sunset. Mixing raw ingredients for a raku glaze to give varied finishes to my vessels. After all the preparations, mixing potions, it’s when the vessel goes to the flame that I relinquish all and enjoy the finality.

I surrender to the final rubbish bin smoke-firing in a mixture of sawdust, seaweed, driftwood and other combustibles in which nature touches the naked clay and produces the autumn hues and sometimes unexpected yet exciting markings. Hours later, my husband and I are permitted the exhilaration of opening each firing (like children at Christmas), to be sad for the wares that didn’t make it through the thermal shock yet at the same time to be elated for the vessels that did. The outcomes of nature!

IMG_2992Together with Geoff, my husband, we load the boat with bisqued wares, a rubbish bin and combustibles, food for the weekend, and of course our 2 dachshunds. Our life together has always involved beaches and boating and it is awesome, yet unbelievable that I have found a way to include firing pottery while enjoying each other’s company.

Geoff and I (and if I’m lucky, maybe the odd grown up child and partner or some friends), basking in the simplicity of life as we tend the fire, chatting, and watching the dogs.

Unbelievable Lucky am I.


2015 – Transformation (with Helena Lloyd)

My next upcoming show will be at Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Tce Paddington QLD Australia 4064, 3-8 November 2015.

Opening night: Friday 6th November 6-8pm.

Helena Lloyd Bernice Lynn Transition Invitation